Denny George

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android developer & creative technologist

I make digital tools for creative expression.

veeZine lets you record 10 second videos and apply filters that respond to sound. Current version supports filters that respond to audio. veeZine works as a great complementary app to create stylish videos for Instagram Stories.
  • HandlerThread to record and process audio
  • Custom MediaCodec implementation for Audio Encoder
  • OpenGLES to apply RealTime filters

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Click Record to launch a 10 second timer

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example filter in action

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Fling on Text to change font alignment

2. Alone With My Phone

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Alone with my Phone is a first person interactive audio story that you participate in using your smartphone. The app reveals different character's voices depending on your location in the city. It is a story about the our reliance on technology to initiate contact with others and the disappointments that come with it.

Technical Details

The app uses the Places API to select 3 locations around you and Geofences to trigger audio. Using the Orientation class the user is able to perform certain gestures with the phone and communicate with the characters

Watch an excerpt of a user experiencing the story)

Do Androids Dream of Me?

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an instagram log of my experiments with android.

3. Dhish

Dhish is a wearable music instrument. It aims to capture familiar percussive gestures of the hands like clapping and snapping and associate new sounds to them. Dhish was built with the the intention to create an electronic music instrument that isn't intimidating and is easy to pick up for amateur musicians.

4. Dhvani

Dhvani is a tabletop touch based interface to create electronic music. It was inspired by the Reactable project.